The Birthday Gift Box!

Did you hear? Did you hear?

I’m so excited to announce the launching of the Birthday Gift Box. 

It’s time to party and celebrate that someone’s birthday!

Whether its your BFF’s birthday, your Mom’s birthday, your lovebug birthday or

YOUR birthday. Don’t stress out.

These unique and devil little guys will make a huge impact. Promise.

“It brings all the giggles and smiles of the honoree of the day!”


Here is the deal.

It’s only avail in the large box (the 24 brigadeiros) and you can choose up to four flavors.

The Design? Leave it to us! We guarantee that the brigs will have all the glitter and sparkles suitable to party!

So no box is ever the same;)

Oh! Did I mention that it comes with a handwritten card too?

Happy Birthday Darling!

XO Sabrina