Introducing the Brig Donut!


Meet our newest addition to our brigadeiro collection:

The Brig Donut. 

With wedding season in full swing, we are proud to bring you the hottest trend in weddings! We have turned our famous brigadeiro into a donut. That's right, guilt free here no gluten, happy dance!

 Whether they grace your dessert table, be given as favors or serving a seating chart, the brig donut will no doubt make quite an impression on your guests leaving them wanting for more and you looking for that midnight snack:)

The brig donut it's available in all our flavors which include our ever so popular Vanilla and the always amazing Dark Chocolate.

You let us know your color palette so we can match and make them beautifully decorated for your event. Did we mention that the beautiful gold is edible gold leave? 

Like our other brigadeiro treats, each donut is gluten free and preservative free! As a Los Angeles premier brigaderista, we strive to make each and every one delicious and fresh every time! 

These mini treats are handmade in our kitchen with much love, joy, and pride. 

Ready for yours? Click here.