A Doll Playdate Baby Shower in the Summer!

My dear friend event designer Clarissa Rezende is about to have a baby girl! So the baby shower planning was in the works as soon as we knew about it. The theme was a doll playdate and the dress code was a fabulous doll. How fun is that?  

If you have been following me or know me, then you know that I love a good craft! I love being able to get creative, and come up with fun DIY ideas! So making the decorations from paper wafer and fondant was a must.

One of my favorites to do for baby showers are the booties!


They go so well together, either on the dessert table or as favors. Here Clarissa wanted to display them on the table. Didn’t they look so darling?!

Look at all the details, so much inspiration and eye candy!!

xoxo Sabrina